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Summers is an experienced DJ who has a passion for music and entertaining. In 2009, Summers founded Girls Club DJs and has performed at corporate events, festivals, themed celebrations, weddings and countless local venues. 


Suzanne Summers and her team are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences through music. No longer part of Girls Club, she is now a solo performer with an expanding team of like minded DJs. We're here to help you create magic moments through music at your special events.


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DJ Suzanne Summers

Suzanne has been elevating the DJ landscape with a strong dose of femme for over 10 years. Disco, house, pop, oldies with a dash of hip-hop and a lot of bass. Her speciality: discovering the best singles and remixes, hidden gems and foreign imports. Playing music for dance floors across Alberta at night clubs, major events and so many special occasions fuels her creative fire.

colin noel sound engineer edmonton elect

Sound Engineer Colin

For over 10 years Colin Noel has done live sound at local concerts, festivals and recording studios. He is owner of Electric Treehouse, a recording studio and rehearsal space located downtown, Edmonton. When it comes to live events, Colin is known for his attention to detail and problem solving skills, ensuring that artists have the highest sound quality to create the best performance.


Unforgettable Night

"Suzy went above and beyond all expectations. They took a corporate event and had every generation in the room enjoying themselves. The energy was so high we couldn't shut the event down- no one wanted to leave!"

Britney, Crowe MacKay LLP

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